Get the Excel Date Table Download Here!

Hi, I’m Jo. Previously a Business Intelligence (BI) Manager for 2 central London councils. I now freelance and create blogs here and on YouTube with the aim to demystify BI and data analysis. Hopefully I can do my bit to make people realise data is beautiful not scary.

Hi, thanks for signing up to my mailing list. Below is the link to the Excel date table with some instructions on how to use it.

Excel Table Instructions

If you don’t have access to a date table in a source database or if you’re new to Power BI and aren’t that comfortable with programming in DAX or M you can use this ready-made date table.

Import the ‘Date Table’ tab into Power BI, mark as a date table and start using it straight away.

By default this date table spans across the years 2000 to 2023, financial year starts in April, weekends are Fri and Sat, first week day is Monday and Christmas Day is the only public holiday flagged. To change any of these aspects following the instructions on the ‘Instruction Tab’ in the file..

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